Alex Hanna double bass
We are thrilled to bring you this interview with Chicago Symphony Orchestra Principal Bass Alex Hanna.  In addition to his responsibilities leading the bass section of the CSO, Alex teaches double bass at DePaul University and is active as a clinician, soloist, and chamber musician. Subscribe to the podcast – follow […]

CBC 161: Alex Hanna Interview

The wonderful musician and visionary bassist François Rabbath is featured in this hour-long video from McNally Smith College of Music performing and speaking about his life.  Watching this brings back memories of my interview with Rabbath in the early days of Contrabass Conversations.  His personality radiates warmth, and his brilliance and creativity […]

François Rabbath demonstration and performance

We’ve put out a lot of interviews in our 164+ episodes of Contrabass Conversations!  At a certain point, it becomes hard to locate specific interviews.  Out upcoming app will help, but I thought it would be helpful to review and categorize what we’ve done so far.  Here goes, and I’ll do […]

The Big List of Bass Interviews

barry lieberman 2
Though it’s always interesting to get feedback from readers and conduct surveys like this, I feel obligated to point out that studying music is not a “one-size-fits-all” affair.  What is a great choice for one person might be a poor choice for another.  The smart move is to do your […]

Top Ten U.S. Double Bass Music Schools 2015

Karr - Koussevitzky 1400 x 1400
This week’s episode contains a recital I did about ten years ago on the Karr-Koussevitzky double bass.  I was thrilled to have this opportunity and thought a lot about what sort of repertoire would be best suited for a recital like this. I eventually settled on a traditional program that I […]

CBC 164: The Karr-Koussevitzky Double Bass

Customizer slider David Allen Moore 1170 x 500
One of my DePaul bass students pointed this video out to me a week ago when I let them know that I was reposting David’s great CBC interview.  The video quality is bizarrely bad, but the audio is great, so close your eyes and listen to what David is talking […]

Masterclass with David Allen Moore

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It’s always fascinating to look at numbers—I forget so easily that items put out online reach not just the 319 million people in the United States but potentially the billions worldwide. Even with something that I think of as relatively narrow in scope like the double bass, looking at stats […]

We’re at a half-million downloads of Contrabass Conversations!

podcasting gear
I’m pretty sure that the first podcast I discovered was, like many tech-minded people, Leo Laporte’s This Week in Tech. This discovery of it coincided neatly with my purchase of an iPod Video (my first MP3 player). Though I was having plenty of fun loading up all my ripped CDs […]

Why I Like Podcasting

The amount of helpful online content for bassists today is truly staggering.  As an “old” guy, it’s hard to conceive of how many more resources young bassists have these days at their disposal. There’s so much, in fact, that knowing where to even begin can be baffling. This post is […]

Learning Double Bass Excerpts – online videos that can help

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This week, we bring you an interview with Indiana University double bass professor Kurt Muroki. Kurt is an outstanding performer, teacher, and artist, and we had a great conversation about teaching, learning, and performing.  Also featured is a great recording of Kurt performing Bottesini’s Gran Duo Concertante for Double Bass […]

CBC 163: Kurt Muroki Interview

Bienen School of Music 4
Update: This pool is now closed–thanks to everyone for voting!  We had 343 total voters and will launch another pool for music school rankings in the next few months.  Check back soon and subscribe to Contrabass Conversations (iTunes link) for the latest in the world of the double bass! I am working […]

Vote for the best double bass school in the United ...

The Contrabass Conversations app is coming soon!
We are developing an app for Contrabass Conversations!  This app will be free, available for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Amazon, and will contain all current and past episodes plus content exclusive to the app. Exclusive app content will include: easy searching and navigation of all current and past interviews […]

Contrabass Conversations app for iOS and Android coming in December!

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Kurt Muroki, Indiana University double bass professor and upcoming Contrabass Conversations guest, is featured in this video from D’Addario about the development of the Kaplan bass strings.  This is an interesting video about the development of these new strings and provides insight into the string development process.  Check it out!

Behind the Scenes with Kurt Muroki: Development of Kaplan Double ...

David Allen Moore
LA Philharmonic bassist David Allen Moore (we recently reposted his Contrabass Conversations interview–check it out!) has a great video on Musaic, the video site created and curated by the New World Symphony (a fantastic resource, by the way).  It’s really cool to see David demo these exercises live.  Check it out!

David Allen Moore bowing exercises video

Chicago-based double bassist Jerry Fuller has just won the International Society of Bassists Special Recognition Award for Historically Informed Performance.  Jerry and I have been friends and colleagues for many years.  Jerry is quite active in the early music scene in Chicago and runs Ars Antigua (they’ve done many podcasts […]

Jerry Fuller wins ISB Award for Historically Informed Performance