Crazy Stand Partners

Here’s a video about an, ahem, colorful stand partner that I had back in the day.  I wonder who I’m talking about…

CBC 209: Joe Conyers on Curtis, being yourself, and musical entrepreneurship 1

Philadelphia Orchestra assistant principal bassist Joe Conyers is featured on today's podcast

Philadelphia Orchestra assistant principal bassist Joe Conyers is featured on today’s podcast

I’m thrilled to bring you this episode featuring Joe Conyers.  Joe is the assistant principal bass for the Philadelphia Orchestra and is the founder of Project 440, a nonprofit organization that brings music to young people in Philadelphia.  We’re joined on this episode by John Grillo, my longtime podcast collaborator.

John and I talk with Joe about topics such as:

  • growing up in Savannah
  • studying with Hal Robinson at Curtis
  • the audition circuit
  • becoming comfortable with your own playing
  •  the mission of Project 440
  •  conducting Philadelphia’s All-City Orchestra


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love having people write guest posts!  We had a bunch of guest contributors back in the day, and it’s great to get different voices and perspectives here on the blog.

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