Worst Album Cover Survey – Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday

After putting out what may possibly be the worst (or best, depending on your perspective) classical music album cover of all time on a recent post, blog reader Chris pointed me to this fabulous list of top ten worst albums.  I’ll be blogging these from time to time, but be sure to check out the original post at Pork Tornado for the entire collection (what a great post!)–there’s a lot of great commentary on this cover art over there.

Isn’t the imagery on the following album just a little bit disturbing?

Julie Birthday

2 thoughts on “Worst Album Cover Survey – Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday

  1. I’m waiting with bated breath to see if you’re going to extend this series to include the Millie Jackson cover (“Back to the %*&^”).

    One of my personal favorites . . . 😆

  2. A lot disturbing. I can’t tell if he’s a cowboy or a yodeler! :mrgreen:

    Spin magazine did a piece on the 50 worst album covers of all time not too long ago. You should have a look at that for more laughs. I think there is actually far worse than this one!

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