CBC 97: Gary Karr – from the CBS archives

We’ve got a real treat for you this week on Contrabass Conversations. I got this great footage from the CBS archives from bassist Eric Rath. This is a special from Camera 3 filmed in 1969 about Gary Karr. You’ll get a chance to hear Gary perform, chat about the bass, and play in some truly unusual contexts, including the most unique version of the Eccles Sonata that I’ve ever heard with bass legend Richard Davis!

Video Download Link – (MP4 160 MB)

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7 thoughts on “CBC 97: Gary Karr – from the CBS archives

  1. Many thanks to the String Emporium for sponsoring the episode. I like listening to the Eccles Sonata performed in the video. Thanks Jason for putting this up too.

  2. Jason,
    maestro Karr has been very and very happy to see again the “old” film about him. Now he will prepare a DVD and three new Cds are ready for the market, one is about Schumann. Incredible.

  3. As the scruffy guitarist in that ‘superband’ known as the Electric Karrs (???) (And yes, its immediate demise was a great loss to the music world) all I can say to seeing this clip after 40 years, is, Wow!


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