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University of North Texas and Cleveland Institute of Music bass professor Jeff Bradetich (also a former Contrabass Conversations guest) has just released a book titled Double Bass: The Ultimate Challenge . This book represents the culmination of all the concepts and techniques Jeff has explored while working with countless students over the course of his illustrious teaching career.

As you can see from the following video this is also a beautiful book, with each detail given meticulous consideration. It’s nice to see a pedagogical text for the bass that doesn’t look like it was produced in 1885!

Here’s the press release for the book:

Music For All To Hear, Inc. announces the publishing of Jeff Bradetich’s eagerly awaited book on Double Bass Pedagogy and Performance. This highly anticipated text has been received by the Double Bass community with open arms and sold hundreds of copies, strictly by word of mouth, at the 2009 International Society of Bassists convention recently held at Penn State University.

Here is what a few well respected bassists have had to say:

“Students from all over the world and from every level, please, trust him! Take everything as your real basis for a well- founded technique! I personally, and totally, agree with the content.”

Thierry Barbe – Principal Double Bass Opera de Paris National Orchestra

“Jeff Bradetich is a world-class virtuoso performer and passionate teacher who has acquired enormous depth and
experience to author such a masterful text.”

Rufus Reid – The Evolving Bassist

“This is one of the most important books of the last fifty years. It should be in every university and conservatory library,
every teacher of the double bass should read it, and double bassists of every level will find confirmation of their strengths
and lots of answers for their questions.”

Orin O’Brien – New York Philharmonic

Double Bass: The Ultimate Challenge © 2009, Music For All To Hear, Inc. — ISBN-13: 978-0-615-29665-4 — is published by, and available immediately from, Music for All To Hear MSRP: $59.95.

For orders, visit the website, contact Aaron Bradetich at, or call 940-367-2360. Music For All To Hear, Inc. is the record label of choice for Jeff Bradetich and also specializes in the publishing of many artists’ CD’s, DVD’s, sheet music, and books.

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An active double bass performer and teacher, Jason teaches double bass at DePaul University and served on the Board of Directors of the International Society of Bassists for many years. Jason is the current President of the Illinois chapter of the American String Teachers Association. Jason has been a member of the Elgin Symphony since 2000 and has played with the Midsummer’s Music Festival in Door County for the past decade. He is a past member of the Milwaukee Ballet and IRIS Orchestra, and has performed with the Lyric Opera of Chicago, Grant Park Symphony, and numerous other professional ensembles.

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3 thoughts on “Jeff Bradetich’s new book (video)

  • play bass

    I would just like to say fantastic blog you have here. I play normal bass myself, but I am amazed by the double bass and have always wanted to learn more. Thank you.


    Please keep me informed when the book is published.I want to purchase one copy for my library.

    Thank you