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A graduate of Northwestern University, Jason Heath is the Director of Orchestras for Vernon Hills High School in suburban Chicago.  He has previously taught orchestra at Glenbrook North and South High Schools and Libertyville High School.

An active double bass performer and teacher, Jason teaches double bass at DePaul University and served on the Board of Directors of the International Society of Bassists for many years.  Jason is President of the Illinois chapter of the American String Teachers Association and previously served as ILMEA District 7 Orchestra Division Co-Representative.

Jason has been a member of the Elgin Symphony since 2000 and has played with the Midsummer’s Music Festival in Door County for the past decade.  He is a past member of the Milwaukee Ballet and IRIS Orchestra, and has performed with the Lyric Opera of Chicago, Grant Park Symphony, and numerous other professional ensembles.

Click here to listen to Jason play and teach the bass (audio and video).

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16 thoughts on “About Jason

  1. Jason,
    I just completed an interview with bassist Rufus Reid. It last about 34 minutes and you are welcome to use it at Contrabass Conversations. I can send it as as two MP3s which you will need to edit together or I can mail a CD to you. Let me know which you prefer.

  2. I loved hearing you on “studio.odeo.com” (Hindemith) The feel and sound of your perforance was wonderful — piano also excellent. Is there any way to hear the rest of your interpretation? 😆

  3. Jason,

    I’m teaching a chamber music course at Loyola University Chicago this year, and I have a random double bassist who has enrolled. Any ideas on a good use of Flute, Double Bass, and Piano?

    Oh, and thanks for your continued support of the Millennium Chamber Players in Chicago. Are you based in town?

  4. Hi Jason,
    Is your address still 1522 Central?
    I’m finally getting around to sending you the Gary Karr
    (CD’s) recordings I found in the CBS archives.

  5. I am a professional oboist/composer here in Chicago. I am looking for a bass player(electric, maybe string) to collaborate on a music project and performances in a new group. The project combines classical and modern melodies with oboe, blues based guitar, bass and percussion. The oboe would play lead/vocals, guitar lead/rhythm, and percussion playing african, latin, and various other beats.

    Do you know anyone you could recommend, who might be interested?

    Thanks for your help!

  6. I just read your book. Thanks for taking the time to publish it. It’s long overdue that someone has finally gotten the cajones to write about the state of the profession. I got a second copy for my faculty reserve in the library. It’s going to be mandatory reading for all bass majors in my studio!

  7. Jason,

    Listen is their any way you can change sometihing on you blog?

    You mentioned me and my band Caliente.I i’m not the the Caliente
    band leader.

    I have reicieved calls about this.

    Please call me at 1-630-618-1959


  8. I’m using this stage to thank Jason for posting videos of the
    AMAZING Guy Tuneh.
    it changed my way of playing! (and i’m sure by others also)
    Thanks J.

  9. I just stumbled accross your blog and saw last summer’s request for a bass, flute, piano trio. If you can add drums, Claude Bolling wrote a great suite for flute and jazz trio, with a famous recording by Rampal. I think he wrote another for flute and maybe some others, but the first flute suite is my favorite.

  10. Thanks for such a great blog. I actually found this blog through a musician friend of mine and was lead to your articles.

    There is a fascinating string group with percussion. They do have a myspace page that you can take a look at: myspace.com/breakofreality

    Jason, take a listen and let us know what you think! Should they add a bass?…you know, to REALLY get that DEEP sound? Thanks!

  11. Your blog is the best out there! It’s a great community resource. Keep it up. Thanks!
    Eric Struve
    Minneapolis, MN

  12. Jason:
    The posting of the 6th Suite was played by me, Ben Jensen. I study with Bruce Bransby at Indiana University. I had no idea this was posted until today. I wouldn’t mind having my name affixed to those postings in the least and feel free to re-post them so they’re more accessible. Feel free to contact me if there’s anything further you’d like to discuss with me. Thank you.
    Ben Jensen

  13. Dear jason, I have chanced upon this blog of yours quite a few months ago… and is now a big fan of yours since i do play the double bass. However, recently I have a very intruiging question, which I hope u would not mind if I can send the score over to u and ask for some pointers? Thank you

    Gavin yong

  14. Dear Jason,

    Might you be able to suggest a good local 2009 summer-time double bass camp/clinic in the Schaumburg IL area? Either Jazz or Orchestral…. Your response, or the response of your readers would be most appreciated.



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