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Independent Music Award Nominee trying to get a review

From a fellow bassist—check it out:

Hey Jason,

First of all, thank you for creating a great blog!

My name is Jon LaTona, I am an Upright Bassist that has been living in New York City for about a year.  I am trying to get my EP, Introducing…..Jon LaTona reviewed. Let me know what your rates are for doing reviews for independent artists.

As the subject line states, I have been nominated for an Independent Music Award for best jazz EP. General popluar voting is a factor and would like to get as much exposure as possible to try to get as many fans to vote for me (naturally) They can here one of the tunes on the EP when they vote.

Once fans simply register, voting is based on a 1-5 star rating. Here is the link:




Jon LaTona


Official News for Double Bass Player Guy Tuneh

Guy D. Tuneh‘s new collaboration with Record label studio.Wannsee

Double Bass Soloist Guy D. Tuneh announces a new and exclusive collaboration with Record label studio.Wannsee – a division of cmpm GmbH + syncron-arts GmbH to produce commercial recordings and audiovisual materials.

via :: Official News for Double Bass Player Guy Tuneh ::.


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Barry Lieberman Bass Tutorials

University of Washington double bass professor Barry Lieberman, who I’ve featured several times before on the blog/podcast, has  released an excellent series of double bass tutorials on major double bass excerpts.  These valuable contributions to the double bass educational canon should be on any serious bass student’s must-watch list:

Barry Lieberman complete series – YouTube.

The Next Level Bassist coming out today

The Next Level Bassist is a free online journal for double bass players of all ages and skill levels. This issue focuses on the world of orchestral auditions, with articles by Hal Robinson, Principal of the Philadelphia Orchestra and Ali Yazdanfar, Principal of the Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal. There are interviews with Tristan Sutton from the Bergen Philharmonic and Blake Hinson from the New York Philharmonic. There is also free sheet music, two excerpts edited by Hal Robinson from his upcoming excerpt book series The Quad, and an etude by Ranaan Meyer. All you need to do to sign up is visit – its free and just takes an email address to get the journal and more.

We featured Ranaan Meyer in a podcast a few years ago–check it out!