Though I’m writing this the last day of May, I’m assuming that I, in fact, have not died falling off of a mountain in Peru and am successfully back in the United States.  I’m also assuming that I have absolutely zero time to blog at this moment, since I’m off […]

off to Door County

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Wow! We’re getting walloped in a big way here in Chicago. It’s been 12 years since the last one like this. Luckily, all my gigs/work got cancelled and I got home just in time. I’ve been looking at abandoned cars on Lake Shore Drive and Hyde Park Boulevard all of […]

Thundersnow and stranded cars

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One of my favorite local Chicago bloggers is John Greenfield, a bike advocate who also documents walks down the major thoroughfares of Chicago. His photo-laden montages of Chicago’s interesting streets (including Grand Avenue, Halsted Street, Belmont Avenue, 63rd Street, and many others) are fascinating reads and great glimpses into the […]

Walking from Hyde Park to Lincoln Park

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Bassist Steve Badach sent me the following photo of a truly enormous bass. I wonder what first position looks like on this thing? Doesn’t look like the octobass to me since there isn’t any sort of fingering contraption for the left hand. Click here for a video of an actual […]

The “biggest violin”

I’m digging my new, er, digs down on Chicago’s south side. Here’s a hot of the fall colors slowly turning in the park outside of my building. This room is always filled with sunlight and is great for either getting work done (like I am now) or just hanging out. […]

Cool shots of Hyde Park

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My wife used to be a full-time freelance harpist. Now she’s a medical student at the University of Chicago. Our lives are filled with quite different activities now, as illustrated by our two desks in our new place. Here’s mine, filled with happy things like books on teaching music to […]

Her desk, my desk