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Mr. Bass

I’m feeling the urge to post all these pics for whatever reason–here’s one of me from December playing bass for the Northbrook Symphony in December of 2012.

at the Divine Word Cathedral near Northbrook, IL - December 2012

off to Door County

Though I’m writing this the last day of May, I’m assuming that I, in fact, have not died falling off of a mountain in Peru and am successfully back in the United States.  I’m also assuming that I have absolutely zero time to blog at this moment, since I’m off on the morning of the 15th (have to leave at 4 am!) to Door County for another summer of chamber music with the Midsummer’s Music Festival.  I believe that this is year seven for me at this festival, and I always have a great time playing with these top-notch musicians in a beautiful setting like Door County.

In case you haven’t experienced Door County and can’t imagine that Wisconsin would be a Cape Cod-like destination, here are a few photos to quash that doubt: