Welcome to the DBB.org Features, Projects, and Resources page! This page is a gateway to the numerous projects we’ve occurring on the blog. We welcome suggestion for new projects or collaborations. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page with any ideas you’ve got for us.



We’ve got a huge variety of articles on subjects ranging from the music business in general to orchestral, jazz, and classical performing techniques, freelancing, stories about life as a musician, and much more. You can also access specific articles from our wonderful doublebassblog.org collaborators here.


Want to find out the latest double bass auditions, news about recent winners, and more? Just visit our audition index to learn more.

Audition Requirements

Get the skinny on what material is required for auditions at various major music schools, and add to the body of knowledge by leaving additional information here!


We have a diverse set of excellent collaborators contributing content to doublebassblog.org. This page features biographical information for our writers and a link to all of their contributions.

Double Bass Interviews

Check out our constantly evolving archive of double bass audio interviews with luminaries from all musical genres. Once on this page, individual guests may be selected (each is pictured next to their name and occupation). We add to this archive on a weekly basis, so check back frequently for more content! We also have transcripts of selected interviews available for free online.
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Double Bass Performances

Visit our Contrabass Conversations archive for weekly performances from double bassists across the globe! Classical, jazz, bluegrass, and electric bassists are all featured, and available offerings may be searched by guest or keyword.
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Double Bass Posts

Want to look at just bass-related content? Just click here!

Double Bass Videos

Listing of all videos available on DoubleBassBlog.org.

Double Bass Video Lessons

We have several multi-part video lessons available. These may be viewed online or can be downloaded. Links are available to download each individual video (viewable on your computer, iPod, or other portable media device), and all available videos can be downloaded automatically by subscribing to our Contrabass Conversations feed.
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Crazy Gig Stories

We’re constantly turning out new stories about the wacky things that we musicians run into on a daily basis. Ever have a car explode while coming home from a gig? Ever have a plane taken over by the musicians? It’s happened, and it’s covered here.

Contrabass Conversations

Weekly audio and video episodes featuring interviews, performances, virtual lessons, crazy gig stories, and much more.


Click here to visit the DBB.org download archive and pick up hundreds of PDFs, MP3s, and other resources.


Hundreds of links to resources about musical study, downloads, gear, schools, summer festivals, practice resources, and a whole lot more.

Early Bass

Learn more about early bass, violone, and gamba playing from our Early Music Perspectives series hosted by Dr. Phillip Serna.

Luthier Directory

Our list of shops that sell, repair, or construct double basses and related gear. View our listings or add your own for free!

Orchestral Audition Audio Study Guides

Listen to and follow along with double bassist John Grillo as he takes listeners through the standard orchestral audition repertoire for the double bass. Includes both audio double bass excerpts and dialogue.
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Opera Audition Audio Study Guides

Listen to and follow along with double bassist John Grillo as he takes listeners through the standard opera audition repertoire for the double bass. Includes both audio double bass excerpts and dialogue.
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Practicing Resources

Hundreds of MP3s are available to work with online or download for student practicing. This page also features a list of useful online tools for practicing and musical development.


Learn more about the double bass and hear great interviews and performances from leaders in the field through the Contrabass Conversations audio and video podcast series! We also have transcripts of selected interviews available online.

Recitals and Performances

We offer an ever-expanding set of full-length performances of double bass solo and chamber repertoire. This page lists our current offerings. You can find many more live performances in the Contrabass Conversations archives, and feel free to submit a piece or suggest a feature through the form at the bottom of this page.


This page is a categorized listing of all posts, pages, and resources here on the blog. We have thousands of entries listed here, but it is a good way to scan chronologically through our resources.

Virtual Master Class Project

Listen to and comment on tracks from musicians worldwide, and submit your own tracks anonymously for evaluation from the community. You do not need to be a bass player to participate!

Suggest a DBB.org feature!   To get in touch, email jasonheath -at- doublebassblog.org.

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