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Kurt Muroki, Indiana University double bass professor and upcoming Contrabass Conversations guest, is featured in this video from D’Addario about the development of the Kaplan bass strings.  This is an interesting video about the development of these new strings and provides insight into the string development process.  Check it out!

Behind the Scenes with Kurt Muroki: Development of Kaplan Double ...

David Allen Moore
LA Philharmonic bassist David Allen Moore (we recently reposted his Contrabass Conversations interview–check it out!) has a great video on Musaic, the video site created and curated by the New World Symphony (a fantastic resource, by the way).  It’s really cool to see David demo these exercises live.  Check it out!

David Allen Moore bowing exercises video

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If you’ve never seen one of Gary Karr’s Japanese TV appearances, this is going to blow your mind.  Via TenetArepo on reddit.  I can’t believe that I played a recital on that exact bass about 10 years ago!

Gary Karr, superstar!

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Check out this great video of Gary Karr in his prime on the bass! Via Jason Kaminski. For more great Gary Karr content, check out Barry Lieberman’s interview from 2008. Lots of great conversation and bass playing.

Gary Karr in 1969