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My all-time favorite double bass link

Why, it’s Contrabass Conversations of course!  The double bass podcast that I have hosted for the past 10 years has featured featured “heavy hitters” like Ron Carter, Paul Ellison, Rufus Reid, Carlos Henriquez, Chuck Israels, Adam Ben Ezra, and a huge number of other guests.  We release multiple episodes per week and have thousands of regular listeners.  Check it out!

P.S. – We also have a free Contrabass Conversations app!

A book that all bass players should check out is Peter Tambroni’s excellent new work An Introduction to Double Bass playing. It is full of great advice for beginners, experienced players, teachers, and parents. This is a really valuable resource. Check it out!

“Desert Island” Technique Materials for Jazz and Classical Bass

If you’re looking to build up your library with the most essential materials, check out this link. These are the books that I can’t live without.

General Bass Sites:

International Society of Bassists
Bass Club Chicago
Lemur Music
American School of Double Bass
Bob’s House of Basses
Bob Gollihur’s Double Bass Links Page
Double Bass and Violone Internet Archive
The Online Double Bass Guide
Harmony Central Bass Resources (great for electric bass)
The Double Bass Page (UK)
DaXun Zhang’s Website
Sigi Busch’s Website
Gary Karr’s Website
Encyclopedia of Bass Logic
The Online Journal of Bass Research
Rufus Reid Homepage

Chicagoland and Wisconsin Youth Symphony Programs:

Midwest Young Artists
Chicago Youth Symphony
Elgin Youth Symphony
Rockford Youth Symphony
Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra
Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra

Staff Paper:

click here to download some staff paper (free PDF download)


Pop’s Bass Rosin (fresh!)
Oak Bass Rosin


Gaines Bass Wheel
Bob’s Bass Buggy


Concert Design Bass Stools

Stool Cushions (these things are great!):

Cases (soft):

Professional-Quality Soft Bass Cases
Bob’s Bass Bag
Mooradian Deluxe
Reunion Blues (very expensive, but the best)

Cases (hard):

SBS flight case

Misc. Gear:

Bass Bib
Humidifier (Dampit)
practice mute
string winding crank
bow quiver


Bob’s House of Basses – check my string article for advice on what to choose


Bob’s House of Basses has a very comprehensive listing

Bow Rehair and Bow Services in Chicago (I’ve lived in Chicago for decades, so excuse the Midwest bias):

Ward Hansen (Chicago) 630-567-2697
Kenneth Stein Violins (Elmhurst) 630-782-0273
Robertson & Sons Violins (New Mexico–contact them for mailing instructions)

Chicago Luthiers/String Shops:

SMR Doublebasses Steve Reinfranck – Bass Dealer (847) 477-4773
Scott Henrie – Bass Luthier 773-743-8738
Classic Contrabass – BASS RENTALS
Sonksen Strings

String Shops Outside Chicago:
The String Emporium – upright bass specialists
Bob Beerman’s Bass Violin Shop
Heartland String Bass Shop
Robertsons Violins
Upton Bass
Guarneri House
KC Strings
Cincinnati Bass Cellar
David Gage String Instrument Repair
Hammond Ashley
Kolstein Bass Shop
Gollihur Music
Lemur Music
The String Emporium

Chicago Area Music Schools:

DePaul University School of Music
Rob Kassinger, Alex Hannah, and Jason Heath, bass faculty

Northeastern Illinois University School of Music

Greg Sarchet, bass faculty

Northwestern University School of Music
Andrew Raciti, bass faculty

Roosevelt University College of Performing Arts
Andy Anderson and Steve Lester, bass faculty

Northern Illinois University

John Floeter, bass faculty

University of Illinois Bass
Michael Cameron and Larry Gray, bass faculty

Music Publishers for Bass:

Discordia Music
Slava Publishing (Progressive Repertoire by George Vance)
Liben Music online distributor
Thomas B. Gale publications
Aebersold Bass Publications – jazz – Michael Cameron’s publishing company

Jazz Resources:
Ray Brown 9 part master class
Sigi Busch’s Website – great MP3 and MIDI resources
Jazz FM
A Jazz Improvisaton Primer (on-line guide to jazz improvisation)
Aebersold Play-Along Series
The FREE Jazz Handbook (Aebersold) – excellent resource!

Musical Instrument Insurance:

American String Teachers Association
International Society of Bassists

Music Educator Resources: – Music Teacher Network
String Pedagogy Notebook (excellent internet resource with videos)
Blogging for teachers
Internet Public Library

Professional Associations for Bass Players:

International Society of Bassists
American String Teachers Association

Career Websites for Performers:

Musical Chairs
American Federation of Musicians

Summer Camps to audition for:

visit our Summer Camps page!

Chicago Area Professional Orchestras/Concerts to See:

Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Lyric Opera of Chicago
Elgin Symphony
Chicago Opera Theater
Music of the Baroque
Lake Forest Symphony
Chicago Sinfonietta
Chicago Philharmonic
Milwaukee Symphony
Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra
Rockford Symphony
Madison Symphony

United States Orchestral Training:

Civic Orchestra of Chicago
New World Symphony

Quality Bass Programs Beyond Chicagoland:

Peabody Conservatory
Indiana University
Rice University
Curtis Institute of Music
University of Maryland
Boston University
Colburn School
University of North Texas
Cleveland Institute of Music
Oberlin Conservatory
Duquense University
University of Southern California
Juilliard School of Music
Yale University
Manhattan School of Music
Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music
New England Conservatory

Instrument Insurance:

I use the International Society of Bassists insurance program through Merz-Huber and highly recommend this as an option.

Practice Tools: – this site is extremely useful!
– a great FREE sound recording and multi-track editing program (comprehensive MIDI orchestral repertoire) – an excellent educational resource for all string players with videos, practice charts, and more – great online music theory compendium
Online Ear Training – great site filled with practice tools, games, downloads, exercises, articles, etc.
Getting the Most Out of Your Practice Session (Bill Koehler)
Inner Game of Music
MIDI Library for Solo Bass
more solo bass MIDI
more MIDI files
MIDI World
Hans Sturm’s Double Bass Audition Resources (audio and text bass resources)
Electric Bass Downloads Page
Douglas Yeo Trombone Home Page (not a bass page, but full of valuable career and practice info.)

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